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Today is valentines day, and although many like me do not have a partner and in some parts this day is not so outstanding, I wanted to make a musical comic liked "Beyond the Stars", you know, when someone takes the lyrics of a song and makes it comic or in another art, sure I remember my game, well I have gathered all the couples, who feel a great sense beyond life:

Loves Edit

Lionel the african lion X Hadiya the african hyena

Canelle the french poodle X Lupo the canadian wolf

Hao the chinese tiger X Bageshri the indian white tiger

Terry the canadian T-rex X Placida the australian pliosaurus

Ursula the artic The Ice-Berg Monster Iceler Giant Robo igganog X Winston the American jiger

Candace the australian Kangaroo(and her daughter Candy) X Cong the african gorilla

Toribio the spanish bull X Bessy the american cow

Jia li the chinese Koi X Kenny the tiger shark

Jita the indian giraffe X Hathy the indian elephant

Casimiro the mexican rattlesnake X Fanny the indian Cobra

Hisstocrat singing on Front of Celestia's castle, Alexei the Hedgehog and Rainbow Titan are kissing and A Camera showing a Montage of Characters from MLP:

Flash Sentry X Twilight Sparkle

Spike X Rarity

Big Macintosh X Cheerilee

Soarin X Rainbow Dash

Thunderlane X Fluttershy

Caramel X Applejack with Cheese Sandwich X Pinkie Pie are kissing

Sunburst X Starlight Glimmer are kissing

The Student Six with Smolder the dragon X Ocellus the changeling, Gallus the male griffon X Sandbar the Ponies, Silverstream the hippogriff X Yona the yak are loving

Zephyr Breeze X Tree Hugger

Mudbriar X Maud Pie

Leonardo the brazilian cheetah X Wikolia the hawaian panther

Linda the italian Lynx X Podi the german puma

Luka the russian weasel X Olga the russian mink

Suha the african antelope X Newton the italian Nyu

Dana the german Dachshund X Abhain the scottish terrier

Chico the mexican chihuahua X Barbara the russian Saint Bernard

Bruno the mexican donkey X Honey the britanic mare

Zelda the german goat X Wellington the german pig

Sauda the british sawn X Erick the american eagle

Hunter the artic husky X Dova the german Doberman

Brunilda the italian bulldog X Blue the british beagle

Bill the american Bison X Ygeme the scotish yak

Kame the japanese turtle X Claudia the mexican clamidosaur

Vallery the canadian Fox X Ford the artic fox

Nestor the russian black bear X Yang the chinese panda

Brigid the canadian badger X kamaha the hawaian sloth

Carl the american cat X Carole the french persian cat

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the song of the comic is this, listen to while reading the lyrics of the comic

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