Yonggary Is An Ancient Reptilian Kaiju That First Appeared In The 1967 Film Yonggary Monster From The Deep.

Alias Yongary Reptilian South Korean Godzilla Yonggary Boy
Species Giant Reptile (YON)

Extraterrestrialy-Awakened Dinosaur (REP)

First Appearance Yonggary
Last Appearance Reptilian
Friends Godzilla
Enemies Cykor

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Masaki Terasoma

Role In His/Her FilmsEdit

Yonggary Was An Ancient Giant Reptilian Monster Awakened From An Earthquake. He Begins Terrorizing Most Of South Korea. He Befriended A Mischievous Boy. Then later, The Fighter Jets Began Killing Him,Leaving Him Laying Dead In the River.

Yonggary Is a Sleeping Dinosaur Awakened From An Earthquake. He Begins Terrorizing Most Of South Korea.She Came To Lay Eggs.Then later, The Fighter Jets Began Killing Her, Leaving Her Laying Dead In the River. Then A Lone Egg hatches.

Yonggary Is A Sleeping Dinosaur Revived By Aliens To Destroy Mankind.Than The Diamond In Her Head Is Destroyed And She Battles Cykor Then She Defeats Cykor.Then She Is Carried By Helicopters To Monster Island.



He fires a thin,yellow ray from his horn indentical to that of Gyaos's. There Are two versions of Reptilian. A 1999 version and A 2001 version. In the 1999 version he is killed off like he/sh/it is in the original but, this time a egg hatches. much like Godzilla:The Movie(The Ugly Version).Ironicly,Reptilian is a cash-in on Godzilla:The Movie(The Ugly Version).they have many similarities like an american cast and Godzilla:The Movie(The Ugly Version) ends with camera going into Zilla Jr.'s mouth and Reptilian ends with the camera going into Yonggary's mouth.There was also an alternate ending where Yonggary never turns good, never fights Cykor and is killed off just as he/she/it is in the original.

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