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Yirmatang is a kajiu created by "Will Krebs. He appeared in G-Fan Magazine Issue #119, in the story "G-Fantis vs Yirmatang" (also written by Will Krebs).


Yirmatang is a guardian of the Earth and is dated as the oldest living creature on the planet (the first living being). Yirmatang has a psychological connection with a humanoid known as “Yumiko Ito”, and she is able to persuade the monster at her will. Rather than being scaled, Yirmatang has a more amphibious appearance.


  • G-FAN Magazine (Issue #119)
    • Yirmatang appeared under the "Kaiju Tales" section in the story: G-Fantis vs Yirmatang
    • A kaiju fighting game made by GARAYANN / Planet-G
    • Yirmatang is a summonable character


  • Yirmatang helps fight cancer through the group "Kaiju vs Cancer"
    • It is undetermined when Yirmatang will make his first appearance in the charity cause
  • Yirmatang originally started out as an Anguirus puppet, but to avoid licensing issues his creator chose to make his own, original monster
  • Yirmatang's design was influenced by the Toho kaiju: Anguirus, Titanosaurus, and Gigan.

*The artwork was drawn by GARAYANN*

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