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There I am. Is that enough explanation to why the girls love me?

Hey, Im Troycool, Im an administrator of the Godzilla.Wikia.com site, and I like to edit the pages on here by either adding to the articles, making new ones, or fixing the grammar. Ive watched every Godzilla movie at least 3 times each. Ha, Im not a nerd though, so dont trip dudes. Im also on fanfiction.net.


Skateboarding with my friends, going to the mall and watching a movie with my friends, going places with my friends and just chilling.

Contributing to WikiZilla and Kaiju Wiki[]

I love to contribute to these sites. I only put CORRECT data on each article and make sure each edit I make is valid and lengthy. Look on my contributions and see all of the ones I made if you would like.


I know everything about Godzilla, most about Gamera, a bunch Ultraman, some on King Kong, and a little about Cloverfield.

Favorite Kaiju[]

Well, here they are

Godzilla, Armor Mothra, Ghidorah, Gamera, Biollante, Gigan, Space Godzilla, Monster X, and Kiryu.

My Life[]

Im currently a 11th grader, and I like playing sports. I play on the schools football team, basketball team, and volleyball team. I skateboard a lot. I chill with my friends a lot and our usual hangouts are at my house, their house, parties, or at the mall. We like to drive to places and eat a lot for fun. We usually go to the mall and watch movies there or find some girls and kick it with them. Summer's over so I might not be on that much but I will make every effort I can. At least three times a week.

My contributions[]