Space Monster, Wangmagwi is a South Korean film made in 1967. The film has never seen release on VHS or DVD and has no pirated bootleg recordings known to exist.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Aliens from a distant planet plan to conquer Earth. They awake a monster named Wangmagwi from his slumber to attack Seoul. The South Korean air force is called upon, but they can't attack the monster in a heavy populated area. One of the pilots named Jeong-hwan was supposed to married when Wangmagwi was attacking the city. Eventually, his bride would have been captured by the monster. 


The monster, Wangmagwi, has a very unique appearance. He has a jewel-type of object on his head. He also seems to have fur, large fangs, and giant claws.



Wangmagwi attacking Seoul


  • The film was the second to feature more extras than any other film, which was claimed to be roughly 157,000.
  • It was also released the same year as Yonggary.
  • Despite being a lost mystery of film, a very rare soft-vinyl doll of Wangmagwi was sold.
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