A short faced bear is foraging in some bushes, looking for some berries or fruit to eat. Nearby a group of Red King are peacefully feeding on some bambo sprouts. One of the Red King wanders away from the group and starts to play with a stick, smacking the bushes with the stick. The bear hears the commotion and looks over from its foraging, spotting the Red King. Despite the head start the Red King can't outrun the bear and it is soon only a few centimetres away from its prey. Just as it is about to grab the gorilla a large fist comes seemingly out of nowhere and catches the bear on the chin.

The bear is stunned by the punch and this gives the Red King the chance to escape from the bear. The owner of the fist is revealed to be a large Red King. The huge red king roars at the bear and grabs it by the neck trying to strangle it. The bear swings its head around and drives its teeth into the Red King arm, making the Red King releash its grip. The bear raises up onto its back legs and swipes at the Red King with its claws but the silverback is not detered. It tries to punch the bear again but the bear clamps its jaws down on the Red King arm but this time it does not let go. The Red King roars and tries to shake the bear off but it just won't let go. The Red King picks up a nearby rock and smashes the bears head with the rock, untill the bear is dead. The Red King beats his chest in victory and returns to his group.

Winner: Red King

The Red King won due to its superior size and intelligence meaning it was both brains and brawn.

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