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Shockirus Is A Giant Mutated Sea Louse That Appeared In The Return Of Godzilla.

Species Giant Irradiated Sea Louse
Alias Shokilals,Giant Sea Louse.
Friends None
Enemies None
First Appearance The Return Of Godzilla

Role In The Films[]

When Godzilla Attacked The Yahati-Maru Shockirus Jumped Off His Body And Came Aboard The Boat.The Giant Sea Louse Hunted Down And Killed The Crew But One Survived(It Is Hiroshi Okumura) He Was Injured By The Sea Louse And Locked Himself Inside A Locker To Hide From The Creature.Than Goro Maki Came To Rescue Hiroshi and Begins Battling the Giant Sea Louse And Killing It.Goro Rescued Hiroshi.