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  • (To Urogora)After Space Ship They Have Arrive For World
  • (To Swackhammer)Alright Where Are Those Kids Go Anything Question Can't Talk Right ?
  • (To Emperor Zurg)You Heard Him Where Kids Goes Can You Tell Us Or Else
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)You Have Stole Our Sons From Us
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)Yet You Have Your Blast Worship Our Family Cret
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)Now Passion Running Fin You Have Not Yet You See The Boys
  • (To Bugs Bunny)I Don't Know You Will Find Them Doc We Didn't See Them And We Didn't Care About Them We Don't Know Where They Go or Something If These Little Creatures Are Here And We Gonna Capture Your Sons
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)We're Back
  • (To Queen Ghidorah)King Ghidorah SpaceGodzilla Monster X And Bagan
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)How Do You Know
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)Powers When We Give You The Day You We're Born
  • (To Queen Ghidorah)I Know For You Again
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)You Look Will My Sons
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)Your Sons
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)Look At Us Sons
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)I Can See Your Faces
  • (To Young SpaceGodzilla)There Something About Your Faces
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)You Been Taking From Us When Your Babies I'm Your Father Skull Ghidorah And This Is Your Mother Queen Ghidorah We Travel Death of Time In Space And Such For You
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)Such For Us? Wait Dad This Shall Not Be Basic Bagan Got Gray Hair Monster X Got White Hair SpaceGodzilla Got Blue Hair And I Got Yellow Hair
  • (To Young SpaceGodzilla)We're Half Mom You Never Getting Right Our Eyes Are Totally Red
  • (To Queen Ghidorah)Calm Down Sons We Know You Been Half You Got Color Hairs And Your Eyes Are Red Sons
  • (To Sons of Dragocon)And Do You Know What Anything Mom And Dad To Our New House
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)Ah I see
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)Some How You Do Look For Miller
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)And Infin Never Forget And Instind For Deep Reset of His Mine Tells We Are The Some Blood My Sons
  • (To Urogora)For Their Birthday Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah Talking To Their Sons Just All Monsters Are Born For Month of Years Before

Queen Ghidorah
Listen Sons You Growing Up So Quickly Growing Up Bigger By The Day

Skull Ghidorah
Althought We Want You Here The Rules Are Very Clear

Queen Ghidorah
Now You're Five

Skull Ghidorah
Now You're Five

Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah
So It's Time To Rule The World

Skull Ghidorah
Your Uncle Packed Your Lunches For Your Trip

Queen Ghidorah
Your Grandpa Packed Your Cloths For Case of Change

Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah
You're Gonna Make Us Proud No Backing up Allowed

Queen Ghidorah
Just Keep Walking

Skull Ghidorah
Just Keep Walking

Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah
And You'll Find Somewhere To Go It's a Big Bright Beautiful World
With Happiness All Around It's Peaches And Cream
And Every Dream Comes But Not For You
It's a Big Bright Beautiful With Possibilities
Everywhere And Just Around The Bend
There's a Friend or Two But Not For You

Queen Ghidorah
We're Evil Sons Which Means That Life is Harder People Hate The Things They Cannot Understand

Skull Ghidorah
And When They Look At Us They Tend To Make a Fuss

Queen Ghidorah
Burn Our Houses Down

Skull Ghidorah
And Find Us

Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah
Off Our Land

Skull Ghidorah
It's Important That You Find a Cozy Cesspit

Queen Ghidorah
A Place No One Would Ever Dare To Tread

Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah
And If They Happen By Make Sure You Destroying Them

Queen Ghidorah
If You Don't Sons

Skull Ghidorah
If You Don't Sons

Skull Ghidorah And Queen Ghidorah
Then You'll Surely Wind Up Dead

Queen Ghidorah

Skull Ghidorah

Queen Ghidorah
Have Fun For Your Disaster

  • (To Urogora)Meanwhile In The Ruins Kanae Was Alive And Now She Turn Evil
  • (To Nyuu)You Are My Fools
  • (To Kanae)Noooooooooooooo
  • (To Kouta)Kanae
  • (To Kanae)Hurry Kouta We Have Get Out of Here We Have Get Out of Here She'll Kill Us
  • (To Kouta)You Idiot What Do You Saying Listen Yourself You Crazy Apolish To My Friend Right Now You Know What Kanae I'll Hate You Forever
  • (To Kanae)No Don't Say Don't Say Don't Say You Hate Me
  • (To Kouta)And I'm Sorry I'll Abandoning You Forever I Can't Believe The Diclonius of People Just Kill You In The End You Lame Girl
  • (To Kanae)Oh Ow My Back Hurt is So Pain ? What Where Am I Kouta Were Are You
  • (To Kanae)Oh Kouta Don't Wants Me Kouta Don't Care About Me And Now Kouta Will Hate Me Forever
  • (To Young Spacegodzilla)Wow Amazing Making Evil of Disaster Really Possibility
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)Are You Kidding Me It Will Be Peace a Cake Right
  • (To Young Monster X)Yes I See We Shall Making For Darkness To Destroy All Heroes
  • (To Young Bagan)Well of Course We Will Have Our Revenge On Them Come On Guys Let's Go To Our School

If One Legend
You Don't Wanted Blast Up
It's Kaizer Kanae
And She Have Evil Plan

She Ran Darkness Land
But Thought The Dead Were Dull And Uncouth
She Was As Mean As She Was Ruthless
And That's The Gospel Truth
She Had a Plan To Shake Things Up
And That's The Gospel Truth

  • (To Kaizer Kanae)Ahh I'm Back I'm Alive Is So Good To Be Back Then How Nyuu Kaede Killing Me I Was In The Train How I Ended Up In Years Ago So Who Will Help Me Of Course Monsters of Aliens And Mutants What of Wonderful Creatures They Are My Friends I Must Making All New Diclonius of Female Generals To Destroy All Heroes Then I Must Talk To Them This Will Be My Ruth Gully
  • (To Kanae)Excuse Me I'm Looking For The Monster Name King Ghidorah SpaceGodzilla Monster X And Bagan Have You See Them ?
  • (To Skull Ghidorah)They Over There
  • (To Kanae)Ah Yes That's Them Thank You Time For Me To Talk Them
  • (To Kanae)Hey Boys I'm Here To Your School We Gonna Look Some Treasures To Find
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)Treasures To Find I Don't Know We Can't Find It
  • (To Kanae)We Just Have To Look For The Ancient Ruins Double Find In Daylight
  • (To Sons of Dragocon)In Daylight ?
  • (To Kanae)And Make Sure We Shall Rule The World
  • (To Young King Ghidorah)Okay We Will Rule The World
  • (To Young SpaceGodzilla)Destroyed The Hole Universe
  • (To Young Monster X)To Feel Our Hatred You Know That's Means Right
  • (To Young Bagan)Yes We Will Destroy All Heroes of Ultra Warriors Pretty Cures They Became Slow Week And Useless Heroes Come On Everyone Let's Go To Home Room Shall We
  • (To Kaizer Kanae)Ah Marvelous Divice I Really Gonna Hang of This Part I Do Believe We Are Evil And We Always For Now Call Mix And We Shall Rule The World I Suppose
  • (To Urogora)And So Kaizer Kanae With Her Titan Friends Are Going To Their School In 2000.000 Long Years Evil Has Threating In The Universe There Call Themselves Destruction Nefarious Monsters

Destruction Nefarious Monsters
Shiver My Timbers Shiver My Soul Yo Ho Heave Ho
There Are Men Whose Hearts Are As Black As Coal Yo Ho Heave Ho

Dactar Turock Rodan Anguirus Yakko Wakko And Dot
And They Sailed Their Ship Cross The Ocean Blue A Blood-Thirsty Captain And A Cut-Throat Crew

It Was Dark a Tale As Was Ever Was Told of The Lust for Treasure And The Love of Gold

Destruction Nefarious Monsters
Shiver My Timbers Shiver My Sides Yo Ho Heave Ho
There Are Hungers As Strong As The Wind And Tides Yo Ho Heave Ho

Timon And Pumba
And Those Buccaneers Drowned Their Sins In Rum

The Devil Himself Would Have To Call Them Scum

Pigmon And Godzuki
Every Man Aboard Would Have Killed His Weight For A Bag of Guineas or a Piece of Eight

A Piece of Eight

A Piece of Eight

Minions And Rabbids
A-Five Six Seven Eight

Critters Gremlins Munchies Killer Tomatoes Lickers Kipepeos And Zombies
Woona Wacka Woona Wacka Something Not Right Many Wicked Icky Things Happen Tonight Woona Wacka Woona Wacka Sailor Man Beware

Dumbo Simba And Mothra Leo
When Money's In The Ground There's Murder In The Air

Baloo King Kong And Tarzan
Murder In The Air

One More Time Now

Destruction Nefarious Monsters
Shiver My Timbers Shiver My Bones Yo Ho Heave Ho
There Are Secrets That Sleep With Old Davy Jones Yo Ho Heave Ho

Methuselah And Paksa Wayu
When The Mainsail's Set And The anchor's Weighed There's No Turning Back From Any Course That's Laid

Korosensei Reptar And Dr. Nefarious
And When Greed And Villainy Sail The Sea You Can Bet Your Boots There'll Be Treacheryl


Destruction Nefarious Monsters
Shiver My Timbers Shiver My Sails Dead Men Tell No Tales

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