Saya Otonashi.She was kaiju and very much destroying King Ghidorah and SpaceGodzilla.She destroy not tokyo, but Hong Kong and she was powerful monster in destruction into the universe.In King Ghidorah againest Saya, She destroying entire building and creating a cocoon to emerge new body.Carter built a new mechanical version of Anemone called Mecha-Anemone to destroy Saya's cocoon, but Saya finally emerged.King Ghidorah arrived and battling Saya.Mecha-Anemone using Giga Fury to destroy her, but Saya using Rapter Breath to neutralize it.Carter send MechaGhidorah 5 to kill her.It grab Saya and drop into the sea, but Saya won't drown and destroying King Ghidorah.King Ghidorah grab Saya's back and throw into it hands and Mecha-Anemone using Absorb-O-Drain.Mecha-Anemone was destroyed by Saya used Raptor Breath.Saya possessed by Ratatosk spirit and kill him and King Ghidorah was dead, but King Ghidorah was revived by Godzilla spirit and using Omega Beam to destroy her.To Help Starlee Hambrath


Saya Otonashi battling King Ghidorah



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