Red is a monster that 1st appears in CosbyDaf's NES Godzilla. He is the only monster that has ever used trickery on a real person. He is also the only monster that can hear what you are saying. 


These are the forms Red has throughout the pasta.

Land FormEdit

The land form of Red resembles a scorpion except he has hands and a elderly-like face which is seen in his other forms. This face Red has is always frowning. The eyes sometimes glow which can signal either he's angry or about to use his Soul Burn attack on a oppenent. He runs pretty fast shown when he was chasing Godzilla in the RUN levels. 

Swimming FormEdit

This form is pretty simliar to his land form. Because it has the same torso, arms ,tail  and head. The only differences is that this form has no legs and has fins simliar to many types of fish. This is one of the times Red uses his mouthed tongue to attack oppenents. Shown with Anguirus in the RUN levels. 

Flying FormEdit

This form once again has the same arms , torso and head as his land and swimming form. This form has legs except there is 2 instead of 4. The legs look different in the flying form and the wings resemble that of a bat. He is also able to fire his Soul Burn attack like his Land Form. He can use his tongue attack to break things shown with Mothra in the RUN levels. 

Final FormEdit

This form of Red looks super different from the others. He has his flying form's legs and has the same hands as his other form except in 2 parts. The head is the same as the others. The neck is long now and the body is upright and his tail is super long and rests on the ground. His Soul Burn attack is usable once again and his tongue now resembles Biollante's mouthed vines. 


  • Big Bad Red
  • Graveyard theme
  • Red Rage
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