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  • (To Sparx)Spyro Hey Spyro Wake Up
  • (To Spyro)Uh Um Sparx is That You
  • (To Sparx)Yeah is Me Is Whoa Ah
  • (To Queen Sena)Hi My Baby Dragons
  • (To Rathalos)Mon Dad
  • (To Queen Sena)I Finally Found My Boys
  • (To Rathalos)Hey What's For Dinner?
  • (To Spyro)You Okay Sparx
  • (To Sparx)Yeah I'M Okay
  • (To Spyro)We Got Captured By Those Humans
  • (To Sparx)That it You Hurt Spyro Coming Give You Best Shot
  • (To King Eiji)Well No Sparx This Two Boys Well Those Two Dragons Are My
  • (To Sparx)Whoa Human Boy Was King?
  • (To King Eiji)Ah So I Suppose You Kids In The Egg When You Hatching To Give You Father Hug
  • (To Rathalos)Well I Know Dad Ah Great Harmony of Dragons
  • (To Flame)Whoa Spyro And Rathalos They Found Their Human Parents
  • (To Ember)Yeah They Found Their Human Parents I Guess Well That Spyro He's My
  • (To Cynder)No He's My
  • (To Flame)Oh Man I Think Ember And Cynder Are Arguing I Hope
  • (To Queen Sena)Sparx We Found Spyro And Rathalos Right Over There In The Ancient Ruins
  • (To Sparx)Whoa Hey What Did You Mean So Are You The Human Parents of Rathalos And Spyro?
  • (To King Eiji)Well Let Me See Here The Pictures Sparx We Raised Them Fed Them Help Them Teach Them And Love Them
  • (To Queen Sena)My Sons We Found You When You Were Just Little Eggs Rathalos And Spyro Right Over Here In The Ancient Ruins
  • (To King Eiji)Yeah You See My Sons We Raised You Fed You Help You Teach You And Love You
  • (To Rathalos)Wow That is Great Mon And Dad
  • (To Spyro)What My Mom And Dad Are Humans And My Life Just Got Worst
  • (To Rathalos)I Think So Spyro But Yeah
  • (To Spyro)They Are Our Human Parents
  • (To Rathalos)Yeah We Got Our Human Size Now Spyro
  • (To Spyro)Like I Got Human Hands And Purple Hair Blow In My Head
  • (To King Eiji)There One More Thing Spyro You Can Talk The Animals

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