Artist Hironobu Kageyama Yukio Yamagata Ichiro Mizuki May J With Voyager

TV Size LyricsEdit

This Place Where It's Open And Blue

As Time Is Passing By

My Precious Time

A Voice That Cannot Be Replaced

Has Vanished Suddenly

I Lived And Love Those Boring Days

I Run So Fast

Towards Where The Sun Is Passing

Unbelievable Things

Are Happening In Front of Me

I Look Up To Where The Sun Is

It's Hard To Get Up

But I Keep Telling Myself To Move Forward

I'll Keep Going With Lone Journey

What's In Your Eyes That Changed You

I'm After The Love That I Long For On My Way

The Hate is Not The Reason To Be

That We've Been Hurting Each Other

I'll Sacrifice My Everything

To Take Back Our

Precious Time

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