• (To Kafira)Yeah That War Begins Today
  • (To Kafira)So See Elisano That Was All Bad Things We Did Look
  • (To Kafira)What Would I Give To Live Where You What Would Pay
  • (To Kafira)To Stay Here Beside You
  • (To Kafira)What Would I Do To See You
  • (To Kafira)Smiling At Me
  • (To Kafira)Where Would Walk
  • (To Kafira)Where Would Run
  • (To Kafira)if We Stay All Day To The Sun
  • (To Kafira)Just You And Me
  • (To Kafira)And I Cloud Be
  • (To Kafira)Part of Your World
  • (To Kafira)I Don't Know When
  • (To Kafira)I Don't Know How
  • (To Kafira)But I Know Something's Starling Right Now
  • (To Kafira)Watch And You'll See
  • (To Kafira)Some Day I'll Be
  • (To Kafira)Part of Your World

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