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Oodako Is A Giant Octopus Kaiju That First Appeared In King Kong Vs Godzilla.

Species Gigantic Octopus
Alias Oodako,Giant Octopus
Friends Godzilla Rodan Anguirus
Enemies King Kong,Gaira,Frankenstein
First Appearance King Kong Vs Godzilla

Role In the Films[]

The Giant Octopus Was First Seen Attacking The Faro Island Village That King Kong Battles The Octopus And The Octopus Flees.Than Was Later Seen In the Alternate Ending Of Frankenstein Conquers The World Dragging Frankenstein To The Sea.Than He Later Again Reappeared In The Beginning Of The War Of The Gargantuas Attacking A Ship Than He Battles Gaira And Is Never To Be Heard Again.