Negadon, from the 2005 CGI animated film "Negadon: The Monster From Mars", is a Martian born from a rock being transported from Mars back to Earth. Negadon proceeds to wreak havoc on Tokyo. Mr. Narasaki is the key to saving the city, but due to a terrible accident years before, he is unwilling to help.


Negadon was an original creation for the movie bearing its name. The movie has shown on the SyFy channel in North America & Animax in its native Japan. In 2025, a Japanese spaceship lands on Mars. During the crew's excavating, they stumble on a large egg-like rock. While bringing the rock to Earth for study, the spaceship explodes and the rock crashes in Tokyo. Negadon is then born from the rock and rubble. Without a moment's hesitation, Negadon attacks the city.


Negadon has a gray and black exoskeleton; it is very durable and strong, being able to withstand just about every attack the Japanese military throws at it. Much like a clam, Negadon can open and close. In it's closed form, it is most guarded, but cannot attack. In this form it most resembles a giant, rough edged egg. When open, all of its inner parts glow red in a squid-like sunction cup manner. Negadon's head peaks out from its main armor and has bulbus eyes all over. It has three longer which shoot lasers, and the three shorter arms each come to a spike.


Negadon's main attack are the lasers it can fire from it's three long arms. However, from it's chest another arm can emerge, and this one shoots devasting plasma balls. It can also use its three shorter arms to ram or jab things (ie- military jets).

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