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  • (To Nature Man)On Tonight Episode of Nature's Mysteries We Examine of Dinosaur Beast
  • (To Nature Man)Around The World Searching Target Been Attack By Mysterious Prehistoric Humanoid Creature Or Maybe He Doesn't
  • (To Nature)In Bikini Bottom Zoo The Oyster's Pearl Was Eaten By The Prehistoric Humanoid Creature Then Maybe He Was It's One of Mysteries
  • (To Johnny Elaine)Our Top Story Tonight Giant Oyster Has Her Feelings Hurt Again The Only Clue Is Not Be Found Was This Happy Trumpet As You Can Hear The Oyster Continues To Emit Her Ultra Cry A Cry So Ultimate It Can Be Heard All Over The World A Cry Not That Only Breaks The Sound Barrier He's Destroyed The Hearts For Our Citizens What Kind of Rage Cruel Careless Evil Person Would Nobody Deliberately Upset Everything One of Neptune's Most Gentle Creatues
  • (To Nature Man)One of Nature's Mysteries I Weakness Above By Prehistoric Humanoid Creature Look Like This Thing Wrestling Muscle Shirtless Part Human Part Animal Part Dinosaur Part Lizard Part Beast Part Monster Part Boy It Have Brown Hair Brown Eyes With Eyes Glow A Ghostly Red In Night Purple Spike Fins On His Back Green Pants And Reptilian Tail on His Butt In Festival When Music Turn off Evidence Saw Creature With Incredible Power Strength Lightning Speed Blue Atomic Breath And Amazing Stealth To Sneak
  • (To Soldier Man)We Can Neither Confirm Nordeny To Find Prehistoric Humanoid Creature Here Tonight
  • (To Benny Krupp)Well The Kid Flew Right Over Me Hit With Baseball He Blast Car With His Slayer Vision
  • (To Adam Lyon)I Try To Run For Him But He Just Walk In Use His Mind Power And Shoot Me Like A Dog
  • (To Jake Spidermonkey)It's True I Saw Whole Thing
  • (To Dexter)I See That Thing Before I Don't Know Were He Come Form I Didn't Not Know But It Is
  • (To Nature Man)One of Nature's Mysteries
  • (To Scrappy Doo)I See Him Run Right To Street He Was Savage Roar Hungry Scary Shirtless And Strong Like Elephant Well Maybe He is Strong Like Elephant it Could Be
  • (To Nature Man)One of Nature's Mysteries
  • (To Nature Man)Legends Tell With Mysterious Prehistoric Humanoid Creature He Was Actually One of Greatest Transfer Student Who Ever Live Join To His Reason Path He is Now One of Nature's Mysteries What Monster Boy Lives And Found Out The Answer


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