Minilla (a.k.a. Minya) is the son of Godzilla. He is Godzilla's son in the Showa and Millenium sieries of Godzilla films. Minilla's first appearance was in Son of Godzilla. He was created when a radioactive storm on Sollgel Island mutated a Godzillasurus egg. Giant Godzilla sized praying mantises called Kamacarus craked open the egg (which is why Minilla has birth defects) and nearly ate Minilla. Before they could Godzilla came to the rescue and immeadatly adopted him. (Note: This doesn't mean Godzilla is a girl, he's a boy) From there on, Godzilla tought Minilla monster fighting skills. Other appearences Minilla made were in Destroy all Monsters, All Monsters Attack, (a.k.a. Godzilla's Revenge) and Godzilla: Final Wars. He also appeared along side Gorosaurus in the T.V. show Ike! Greeman! fight his evil clone. In All Monsters Attack, Minilla was shown to be able to shrink down to the size of a child. This may have been only because all the fight seens with kaiju in them were inside the mind of a little boy. This is arguable becuse in Godzilla: Final Wars he could do it. The little guy looks more like a cross between Godzilla and the pilsberry doughboy because of birth defects. Minilla can only puff smoke rings unlike his Dad. (He can breath Atomic fire if pressure is aplied to his tail or if he is in life threatening situations. Even so, it's still weaker than Godzilla's) In Godzilla: Final Wars, Minilla is found at Mt. Fuji (in small form) by a grandfather and his grandson. They start to follow Godzilla around. In a certain battle, Minilla gets excited and grows to large form. At the end of the movie, Minilla convinces Godzilla to stop hating humanity for awakening and irradiating him.

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