Metal Gear RAY Is A Villain in Blaze and Glacier: Reindeer with a Kiss.

History Edit

Voice Actor Edit

  • Frank Welker

Friends Edit

  • Zombie Kong

Enemies Edit

  • Metal Gear Rex
  • Kitty and Bunny
  • Blaze the Male Reindeer
  • Glacier the Female Reindeer
  • Bambi
  • Faline
  • And All Other Crossover Characters

Quotes Edit

(To Metal Gear Rex)Growling! (To Metal Gear Rex)ROAAARRR! (To Blaze the Reindeer) Oh no! (Glacier the Reindeer)Blaze, I love you (Blaze the Reindeer)Glacier, I love you too (To Kitty and Bunny)METAL GEAR RAY! (To Metal Gear Ray)SCREAM! (To Zombie Kong)Roaring! (To TBA) Kong. Zombie Kong! (To Zombie Kong) (king kong sound effects) (To Zombie Kong)GRRRRRR! (To Metal Gear Ray)GRRRRRRRRR! (To Metal Gear Rex)GRRRRRRRRRR! (To Metal Gear Ray)ROOOAAAAARRRR! (To Metal Gear Rex)ROOAAARR! (To Zombie Kong)ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRR!

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