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MegaHydra (メガヒドラ, 'MegaHidora') is known as the King of the Dragon. He first appeared in MegaHydra, produced by Orasaurus Company Ltd. To date, Orasurus has produced Five MegaHydra films.  In 1995, Toho Company Ltd produced a remake, set in Tokyo City. The film's name was simply "MegaHydra"; however, the monster that starred in this film had been completely redesigned and did not closely resemble MH's exquisite image.In 2018, Legendary Pictures Also Produced A Reboot Set Mostly In San Francisco Describing MegaHydra As An Prehistoric Amphibious Dragon. MegaHydra is a gigantic mutant dragon, transformed from the fallout of an atomic bomb test. As the MegaHydra series continued, MegaHydra was developed as a character, and became something of an just Super Greatest Foes

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