Machaaki Before Maetake Begins Yo!

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Nippon Televison (NTV)


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"Machaaki Before Maetake Begins Yo!" (Possibly incorrect translation, contact me(the author) if you find the proper/ a better translation), or "マチャアキ・前武_始まるヨ!" is a Japanese variety show that aired on April 3, 1971 and ended on September 25 of the same year. The show was aired on the channel, "NTV" or "Nippon Television". The show started on Saturdays at 8:00 pm for 56 minutes. The show has sadly been long lost, and to this day very little info about it is known.

Performers Edit

Masaaki Sakai: After the band he was in, "The Spiders" disbanded he became a broadcasting writer of the nickname "Machaaki".

Takehiko Maeda: An actor and broadcasting writer of the nickname "Maetake".

Kaiju Edit

Machaaki Monster Garigari: A blue, bird-like monster with three legs and red eyes.

Maetake Monster Berobero: A large, almost like a Chinese Dragon in the face and overall style monster, but bipedal.

Overview Edit

Masaaki Sakai would teach Japanese through calligraphy or moral chorus to foreign students, or he would talk to the audience before he was on the phone with Takehiko Maeda from the studio. Randomly placed throughout the show would be a fight-scene between the two kaiju, as a parody of a tokusatsu show.

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