Godzilla:The Greatest Monster Of All Is A Fanmade Science Fiction Horror Fantasy Crossover Film.It Is A Reboot Of The Japanese Godzilla Series From 1954.It Is Distributed By Toho In Japan And Dreamworks And Sony Pictures Entertainment In The U.S.

Godzilla:The Greatest Monster Of All
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro

Distributed By Toho


              Sony Pictures Entertainment

Followed By Godzilla Saves The Universe
Rated PG-13


A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean Unknowingly Awakens A Monster Who WIll Soon Be King Of The Monsters.Years Later Several Ships Begin Sinking And Disappearing In The Pacific Ocean.It Is Reported That It Was A Monster That Was Resposible For All The Disappearing Ships.Set In Modern Day Japan They Have Reported Several Sightings Of The Monster.They Indentified It As Godzilla.Than Godzilla Begins Attacking Japan Several Times.Than In China At The Same Time A UFO Appears Than Bagan Appears.Than Later Godzilla And Bagan Begin Their Battle Leveling Tokyo.Godzilla Battles Bagan.Than When Godzilla Finally Defeated Bagan.Godzilla Won As King Of The Monsters.


  • Hiroshi Gunderson-The Main Non Kaiju Protagonist.
  • Linda Gunderson-The Secondary Non Kaiju Protagonist.
  • The Other Characters-The Many Other Characters Throughout The Film.
  • Godzilla -The King Of The Monster.The Main Kaiju Anti Hero Turned Protagonist.
  • Bagan -An Alien Dragon.The Main Kaiju Antagonist.


  • The Linda Gunderson Is Not The Linda From The Rio Series About The Birds.She Is The Linda Gunderson Created By I.R.Navarro.
  • The Godzilla In This Film And Its Sequel Is An Amphibious Dinosaur Revived By Nuclear H Bomb Testing.
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