Monarch Designation: Leviathan
Scientific Designation: Titanus Leviathan
Size: 377.8 meters (1240 ft)
Weight: 90,000 metric tons
Species: Ancient Serpentine like Plesiosaur
Faction: Earth Defenders

Story: In the begining Heavens created the earth and created all life. He created 2 guardians who were plegde to project the Earth from outsiters. The Leviathan and his brother the Behemoth. They used their transmutation powers to geneically enhance certain dinosaurs and certain animals when prehistoric earth was under attack by a prehistoric ghidorah. When the pokemon came to earth Leviathan was not too happy. He and Arceus never got along. After thousands of years Leviathan grew lonly. So he ask The Heavens to give him children. The Heavens told him that he would give him 3 children 2 sons and 1 daughter each seperate by a 500 years. Thus Manda was born. 500 years later Ladon was born, and 20 years ago Cyra was born. Each were born in the city of Atlantis the city founded by The Leviathan. He love the Atlantians. But at the birth of his daught the King of Atlantis had a daughter born at the same time as Cyra. Leviathan could not be any happier. So much he stated Cyra and the princess would rule Altantis when they come to age. However the Leviathan loss everything when his son Ladon betrayed him.

Powers/Abilities: Wrap/Coil Contriction, Fast Swimmer, Tail Fan, Massive Bite Attack Super Dragon Ray, transmutation, and other unknown

Amphibiousness: Although she is slow on land, Leviathan can swim very fast and can breathe while submerged in water.

Constriction: Leviathan can wrap her body around an enemy or structure and crush it similar to how a snake constricts it's prey.

Hydro Breath: Much like her sister, Leviathan can shoot a beam of water from her mouth by swallowing tons of water and mixes it with her saliva until it forms a pure beam of blue-ish water, her eyes glow bright blue when she unleashes the attack.

Limbs: Leviathan's limbs have the ability to transform into legs whenever she's on land and flippers when she enters water.

Camouflage: Leviathan's skin color allows her to blend well with any aquatic environment.

Sonic Roar: Much like her sister, Leviathan utters ultrasonic roars that can damage near by buildings and hurt other Titans

Allies: Godzilla (leader/friend), Imoogi (mate), Nessie (sister/best friend), Sulyong (son), Manda (brother-in-law), Munda (niece), Reptilicus (brother-in-law), Buraki (brother-in-law), Godzilla Jr (friend), Godzilly (2nd best friend), Minilla (friend), Rodan (friend), FemRodan (3rd best friend), Mothra (4th best friend), Mothra Leo (friend), Battra (former enemy turned friend), Dagahra (former enemy turned friend), Jirass (former enemy turned friend), Mogu (former enemy turned friend), Bemular (former enemy turned friend), Agon (friend), Pēgasos (friend), Nemeaus (friend), Erymanthius (friend), Gorosaurus (friend), Ogra (5th best friend), Gorgo (friend), Maguma (friend), Margygr (6th best friend), Amarok (friend), Norzzug (friend), Dragonosaurus Rex (friend), Nǚwángosaurus (7th best friend), Jagras (friend), Carcharias (friend), Boru (friend), Titanosaurus (friend), Anguirus (friend), Varan (friend), Baragon (friend), Otachi (8th best friend), Leatherback (friend), Zilla (friend), Komodithrax (9th best friend), Rhedosaurus (friend), Rhinosaurus (friend), Giant Turtle (former enemy turned friend), Gamera (friend), Yonggary (friend), King Caesar (friend), Sekhmet (10th best friend), Mokele-Mbembe (friend), Quetzalcoatl (friend), Scylla (11th best friend), Behemoth (friend, one sided), Methuselah (friend), Bosmuto (12th best friend), Kroiga (13th best friend), Litra (14th best friend), Gomora (friend).

Roar: The Basilosaurus from Walking With Beasts mixed with the Leviathan from Subnautica.

Food Supply: Radiation sources (Earth Core and Modern)

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