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Leatherback is a Kaiju that was in the movie Pacific Rim about giant monsters coming out of a crack in the earth called “The Breach.” Leatherback is like a reptilian version of King Kong, especially in the way he moves around on his nuckles like a monkey, a really really big monkey. He can spit acid and is one of the strongest kaiju ever seen. He also has a EMP Attack. He is a “Wave 2” kuiju and was partneared in battle with another kuiju, a female called Otachi who latter in the movie gives birth. Leatherback actually losses an eye in battle. He can do some serious damage to anything in his path. It is thought that the Kaijug in Pacific Rim have other animals DNA, Leatherback is thought to have monkey or gorilla DNA in him.


Otachi is attacking 2 giant robots and is in the middle of loosing and wining. Suddenly, out of nowher, comes Leatherback, jumping out of the ocean and battling the massive robots with his partner. Otachi go’s and attacks the city of Hong Kong, while Leatherback keeps the robots ocupied. Then he uses his EMP Attack and puts the lights out for the robots. To robot pilots come out of their robot and start shooting at leatherback. One of them shoots and gets his eye. Leatherback is enraged by the pain, but is intoropted by another robot coming he decides to take his anger out on the new robot. He charges into battle smashing everything in his path, smashing and bashing the robot with all his might. But the robot gets the better of him. It shoots him with all the power it’s got. It shoots his arm off! Leatherback is Furious!! He tries to destroy the new robot, but in the process he gets killed! Leatherback is short into pecies, until only his skeleton and disconnected body parts remain.

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