• Godzilla
  • Rodan
  • Anguirus
  • Baragon
  • Titanosaurus


  • (To Kyoya Ootori)I Think About
  • (To Tamaki Suoh)Well
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)I Think
  • (To Tamaki Suoh)Nothing ?
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)Hello Can I
  • (To Mr Ootori)Are You Okay Where Are You Right Now
  • (To Hikaru And Kaoru)What The Kyoya Senpai
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)Did Someone Else Get To The Roof
  • (To Mr Ootori)On The Roof You Gonna Locket The Door Don't Let Anyone Up There The Teacher Office And
  • (To Grimmgarl)Your Mine
  • (To Honey Haninozuka)Hang on I On My Way
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)Just Wait Let Me Check Hello
  • (To Mori Maninozuka)Open The Door
  • (To Honey Haninozuka)Huh Haru Chan
  • (To Tamaki Suoh)Haruhi?!
  • (To Hikaru Hitachiin)Haruhi Are You Okay
  • (To Kaoru Hitachiin)What's Wrong With Her
  • (To Tamaki Suoh)Haruhi is Hurt
  • (To Hikaru And Kaoru)We Better Take Her To Doctor And
  • (To Mori Maninozuka)You Can't Go Over There Well is I Can't
  • (To Honey Haninozuka)What's Happened
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)What Huh
  • (To Mori Maninozuka)People Got Started Start Turn Into Those Things Track Club Was Completely Siround it Even Haruhi Bit By Creature
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Grunt
  • (To Mori Maninozuka)Haruhi
  • (To Hikaru And Kaoru)Do Worry Haruhi Find Way To Call You Right Kyoya Senpai
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)Yes But I Didn't Call Them You Better But We Better Call Them And Oh Huh
  • (To Honey Haninozuka)I Don't Understand What's Going On This Can't Be Happened
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)Damn it They Here
  • (To Hikaru And Kaoru)Kyoya Senpai What We Do
  • (To Kyoya Ootori)The School Locker
  • (To Mori Maninozuka)Well Yes I'll Just
  • (To)
  • (To)
  • (To)
  • (To)

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