Korozilla was spawned by crystals coming out of the ground. How? Well Korozilla once was one giant crystal heading toward earth in prehistoric time. The dinosaurs sure saw it, but we did't. "So there are no records that this is true but scientists think later on they will find out" Says Dr.S. Richard. This is only a matter of time before we are doomed. So later on in life Richard found a strange rock. So now we think that this is true. However one meteroligist Mr.Shun was walking through a off leash area when a small meteor fell on him. People claim to have seen a meteor falling but there is still no proof that is true. So two years later a crystal spawned and a 20 foot long baby Korozilla. People tried to capture it but never returned. Later on we found out that they were killed by the mother.So no picture was found but one man claims that it had one crystal coming out the back of it's roar sounds like a raptor roar. We have absoloutly have no more details.

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