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Konga Is A Mutant Giant Ape.

==Section heading==. Konga was a giant gorilla that originally was a chimpanzee.

Write the first section of your page here. A botanist "Michael Gough". Goes crazy when he discovers a syringe that turn anything large. He injects it on Konga and uses him to murder his enemies. He goes too far when Konga grows to King Kong size monster and grabs the botanist and goes on a rampage in London. Konga and the botanist are both killed by the military. Konga then turns back to a chimpanzee.

Section headingEdit

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Victims Edit

  1. Dean Foster - Strangling by Konga
  2. Professor Tagore - Strangling by Konga
  3. Bob Kenton - Strangling by Konga
  4. Margaret - Thrown away by Konga
  5. Dr. Charles Decker - Thrown away by Konga

Trivia Edit

  • Konga is a homage to King Kong.
  • Konga was assumed to be the main antagonist, but the true villain is Decker.
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