King Ghidorah movie 2

King Ghidorah vs Hirudegarn


King Ghidorah vs Hirudegarn.As begin the final battle againest Eureka and Ratatosk using Omegas Kamehameha, Tapion was seal away by another Demon Monster Hirudegarn.The injury King Ghidorah has a weakness and Eureka final blows, but King Ghidorah Omega Burst to destroy her.Several year later, King Ghidorah was dead, but young girl named Yukuto daughter of Yuka and SpaceGodzilla holding the egg after King Ghidorah was destroyed explosion.It hatch a new baby King Ghidorah and named him Zuba.In 5 days Zuba was young now.Carter knows that King Ghidorah was destoryed and recarnate into a egg.Brian X asking Carter how King Ghidorah battling giant demon monster.Carter know he named is Hirudegarn the Demon Victorous Attack Bot created by HIM after old King Ghidorah destroy HIM.Hirudegarn was genetic fusing cell King Ghidorah cell main body and Saya and Eureka cell wings and legs and Ratatosk cell arms and head and insect cell to create most powerful monster.Yuka confirm Carter how to defeat Hirudegarn.Hirudegarn doen't have weakness and Carter knows thet young King Ghidorah was called Centaurus King Ghidorah.Centaurus King Ghidorah is was repilcate version of King Ghidorah.In 15 days Zuba was fully grown adult now and Hirudegarn appeared and attack the city.Zuba was a new adult called Shenron King Ghidorah and battling Hirudegarn.Zuba using Luster Shenron Beam to attack Hirudegarn.Hirudegarn used Shooting Ball to destroy it, but Zuba used Dragon Laser to protect it.Hirudegarn Hyper Kamehameha to destroy Zuba, but Zuba use final attack called Shenron Burst Attack to destroy Hirudegarn.After Hirudegran was destroyed, Zuba saying good luck to Yukoto's parents and Zuba going to new island.After ending, Zuba finally made it to new island and new other monsters is here.

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