King Ghidorah Rainbow


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Baby Ghidorah (as a baby)
Colored Ghidorah (as a adult)

King Ghidorah Rainbow was the Ghidorah's father after it lost the battle against GrandisGodzilla forcing to retreats. It nickname calling by Samuel or SpaceGodzilla whatever "Ghidorah" just like its father and "Rainbow Ghidorah".


It appearance was same as his father, but has multiple colored form like Rainbow Mothra. Unlike Mothras however, nothing worse than dies too old.


Ghidorah: RebirthEdit

After the first movie, the Ghidorah egg is hidden to island before that problem is GrandisGodzilla who nearly defeats Ghidorah. So far the another day, the egg hatched out a infant Baby Ghidorah (Dorat in Engish Dubbed). A Baby Ghidorah waiting for a cocoon form because he is too weak to fight, but stronger than Ghidorahs. According to Gidrah's computer, a Baby Ghidorah is the prehistoric creature who lives on Born Island just like Ghidorah's island. Legend has before than "King Ghidorah" attacking GrandisGodzilla whatever is destroyed or injured. However, GrandisGodzilla is sealed by an injured Ghidorah during the fight, but seem he's unconscious in the island to rest. In the another day, the baby Ghidorah spreading his skins and making himself into a coccon state on the playground. However, making the cocoon state is using the energy source to regenerating his body continue. When GrandisGodzilla defeat Atarengon, the cocoon state is about to emerges into newly kind of Ghidorah called "Rainbow Ghidorah" named by SpaceGodzilla then destroys GrandisGodzilla at once and for all. The Rainbow Ghidorah flews to the island to take a rest for now on.

Other FormsEdit


After the egg hatched out, the Baby Ghidorah appeared like its father. A Baby Ghidorah playing with Samuel when he remembering the past few days ago. Samuel taking care the baby Ghidorah when built the playground. The another day was baby Ghidorah's skin is sheds into a cocoon state. Forming a energy like-egg transformed into fully evolved and colorful King Ghidorah, but also known as "Rainbow Ghidorah".

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