King Ghidorah: Tokyo Revenge (キングギドラ:東京リベンジワン - Kingugidora: Tokyo Rebenji Wan) is the remake of Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla against Mechagodzilla. The main characters is SpaceGodzilla, Prince Samuel, Princess Eureka and Grandpa Godzilla. Grandpa Godzilla's daughter, Mung Daal, Cleveland, Godzilla, Quagmire, Joe Swanson and Cater. The villainous are Commander Zog, Mr.Vice, Vice's Brother Zice, Striker (Defeated), Quacker (Defeated) and Treehooper (Defeated). The monsters are King Ghidorah, Spidergorilla, Guirus, Sensar, MechaGhidorah, Destroyer (flashback), Reika (flashback), Kazemaru (flashback), Godzilla 2001 (flashback), The Three Beetle Bots and Hibernation.


After MechaGhidorah rebuilt by Zog, Dr.Vice appear King Ghidorah has the DNA samples. Zog has a idea and create the own monster just like King Ghidorah. As meantime, the glowing body is the unknown monster and Zog shocked.

After the opening, the festival is ready start and Prince and Princess starting dancing. However, the blazing, glowing unknown monster attackng the Japan. Eureka was shocked and fainted and Samuel call Grandpa Godzilla. The Powerpuff Dynamo was destroyed by MechaGhidorah and put the one of the three DNA sample. The Neathian monster was vaporize by MechaGhidorah and using one of three DNA sample. Zog was need one more DNA sample of King Ghidorah and his brother Zice is ready to built new MechaGhidorah 2001. Meanwhile at the island, Spacegodzilla shows the island and looking Dream (Destroyer). Carter watching Dream is now almost full grown and King Ghidorah left to be found. Joe called Cleveland who should it know that King Ghidorah start destroying Tokyo. Samuel ask King Ghidorah where are you going and place to called Statue of legendary Sensar. Mung saying the legendary Sensar is the great beast of the universe and control the day and night.

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