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Kamacuras Is A Giant Praying Mantis That First Appeared In Son Of Godzilla.

Species Irradiated Praying Mantis
Alias Gimantis.G-Mantle,Kamakilas,Kamakiras,
Enemies Godzilla,Godzilla Jr/Minilla
First Appearance Son Of Godzilla

Role In The Films[]

The Giant Mantis Were Terrorizing Sogell Island And They Found An Egg And They Begin Hatching The Egg Causing Godzillas Son To Be In Distress Than Godzilla Rescues His Son From The Mantis By Battling Them.Than Godzilla Saved His Son.The Third Mantis Was Killed The Kumonga.

Kamacuras Later Returns In Final Wars Rampaging Through Paris.Than Later battles Godzilla When He Arrives And Japan Than Gets Killed And Impaled Through The Electric Power Lines.