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battron is a very extreamly rare mutation of mothra that happened 65 million years ago. 65 mya(million years ago) mothra had triplets. one was a dragon(battron), she was named battra. at the time there was no such thing as godzilla, only megapholosophis cats and gaint divine moths. battra did not want to help her mother or her sisters, battra just wanted to torchure the world. one bad night, battra saw a megapholosophis cat egg was hatching. his mother and father and sister was there, battra thought to give the baby a little house warming gift. battra used her super magnetic telekanesis(S.M.T.) and ripped the moon in half, battra used her S.M.T. to direct one of the astroroids to the baby's parents. the baby's name was nona ymja. nona's first sight was his parents getting squashed by a massive boulder, he climbed out of his egg to try to help his mother but his sister and him didn't know what to do. 'com'on you have to lift the rock up' 'com'on you can do it' their mother tried to move the rock up, but battra just pushed harder down. his mother got a few meters off the ground, then colasped! their mother was dead. they hugged their mother's head. with blue eyes, they cried. 16 years later, battra found herself up agenst 20 mothras and 251 megapholosophis cats, one being nona ymja. all the megapholosophis cats fired their war rays at battra, but battra used her S.M.T. to redirect all the beams of radiation around her and hitted the mothras behind her. yeah, that didn't go well did it. a mothra had enough of this cruility the thing she created has been doing, so she traped her in a magic seal.

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