Kaiju Magic On The Ed Sullivan Show

Kaiju Magic On The Ed Sullivan Show was released on VHS and DVD in 2003 by SOFA Entertainment, Inc. The DVD contains 20 of the classic Kaiju appearances from The Ed Sullivan Show.

The DVD is a single-layer disc. Audio has been re-mastered in 5.1 digital surround sound, and the video was mastered from the original 2-inch tapes

Eighteen sketches are featured in the main program, while two additional skits are listed as bonus features, available on the DVD version only. The DVD features an animated menu depicting Ichiro Miki, Godzilla, Rodan and a television screen playing highlights from the disc.

Disc Features Edit

Skits Edit

  • Rock 'n' Roll Kaiju
  • "I Feel Pretty"
  • "Save The Earth"
  • a Change Of Online
  • The Computer Dinner
  • Christmas Mouseketeers
  • "Sclrap-Flyapp"
  • Rodan's Dance
  • Visual Thinking
  • Happy Girl Meets a Monster
  • The Smog Monster
  • Business, Business
  • Santa Claus Routine With Arthur Godfrey
  • "I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face"
  • The Monster Trash Can Dance
  • "Java"
  • The Glow-Mothra
  • Varan's Garden

Bonus Skits Edit

  • Monster Family
  • The Wild String Quartet

Sketches Edit

Picture Title/Date Description
Rock 'n' Roll Kaiju
September 18, 1966
Ed Sullivan introduces "Hauro.... uh, Newsom's Kaiju Monsters" (This line was dubbed on the Kaiju Magic DVD to "Hauro... uh, Nakajima's Kaiju Monsters). This act features a monster with three heads and 2 legs lip-syncing to "Rock It to Me."
Fumiko Sakurai
"I Feel Pretty"
April 30, 1967
The story of a Japanese girl named Fumiko Sakurai, who tries to become beautiful.


  • Mie Hama as Fumiko Sakurai
  • Shoichi Hirose as King Kong
  • Tadado Takashima as Osamu Sakurai
  • Jerry Juhl as Narrator
  • Kenji Sahara as Kazuo Fujita
  • Hauro Nakajima (puppeteering only).

Note: Fumiko's friends are Mert and Fred. The original script featured Scoop and Skip instead.

Miki Fujiyama
Save The Earth
November 30, 1969
Miki Fujiyama sings this classic nonsense song and is backed by the two Japanese singers. This classic song was later the opening number for The Kaiju Club episode 01 Goof: Keiko Mari's head and arm can be seen when Miki goes far off into the background.
Ichiro Miki
a Change Of Online
March 30, 1969
Rex Robbins changes the online and personalities of Ichiro Miki.
GFW Anguirus
The Computer Dinner
October 8, 1967
An early version of Anguirus finds a talking machine that explains its various working parts while being eaten. After the whole thing is eaten, the machine's voice (inside the monster) says that nothing can stop it from performing its primary function -- the most powerful exploding device known to man.
Christmas Mouseketeers
December 22, 1968
The Mouseketeers need it to snow by Christmas Eve.
PDVD 060
"Sclrap Flyapp"
November 24, 1968
A weird-looking creature who is only seen from the neck up randomly blurts out "Sclrap Flyapp" and uses its nose to blast those who don't say Sclrap Flyapp. This sketch was later reworked into Hugga Wugga on The Kaiju Club.

Goof: When the Sclrap-Flyapp creature is blasted at the end, an opening between its head and its neck reveals the performer's hand.

GFW Rodan
Rodan's Dance
December 14, 1969
In a sketch orchestrated by "The Minuet of the Robots" by Jean-Jacques Perrey, Rodan dances while being watched by human Xliens. He never spoke here, even when Ed Sullivan talks to him. In this performance, Rodan was performed by Daniel Seagren, instead of Caroll Spinney. The bit was choreographed by Peter Generro.
Goro Ibuki
Rokuro Ibuki
Visual Thinking
October 2, 1966
Based on a segment from Godzilla VS Megalon. Goro Ibuki studies the art of visual thinking while a hip and trendy Rokuro Ibuki teaches him.


  • Hiroyuki Kawase as Rokuro Ibuki
  • Jerry Juhl as (Goro Ibuki, voice)
  • Katsuhiko Sasaki as Goro Ibuki
Naoko Shindo
Happy Girl Meets a Monster
May 11, 1969
Gabara does all he can to ruin a beautiful day for Naoko. Jim Henson performed the voice of Gabara and Judy Garland performed the voice of Naoko Shindo.


  • Yasuhiko Kakuko as Gabara
  • Yuriko Hoshi as Naoko Shindo

Goof: The flower pot falls off the wall, in front of it, but then when Naoko Shindo says that she likes the flower pot, Gabara picks it up from behind the wall and throws it over the wall.

GFW Hedorah
The Smog Monster
February 21, 1971
An incredibly fat monster called The Smog Monster keeps eating things. After the sketch is over, he attempts to eat Ed Sullivan.


  • Kenpachiro Satsuma as Hedorah
  • Frank Oz (assisting in performing The Smog Monster)
  • Richard Hunt (assisting)

Joe Raposo wrote the music used in this piece.

Business Business
Business Business
February 18, 1968
Two mean-looking creatures with tube necks scat about business while two friendlier creatures scat about values.


  • Jim Henson (Blue Monster and Orange Creature)
  • Jerry Juhl (Green Monster and Purple Creature).

Goof: Hands can be seen holding the necks of the characters.

Santa Claus
Original Gigan Neo
Mechagodzilla 14
Santa Claus Routine with Arthur Godfrey
December 24, 1967
Arthur Godfrey plays Santa Claus, who gets a visit from a group of monsters that includes Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Megalon, Ultraman and Jet Jaguar. They attempt to rob the toys until they learn that Santa is giving them the toys. They sing "It's Christmas Tomorrow."


  • Jim Henson as Mechagodzilla
  • Jerry Juhl as Megalon
  • Frank Oz as Gigan
"I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face"
February 5, 1967
Daiyo, in drag, lip-synchs to the Rosemary Clooney cover while Ebirah hides underneath a handkerchief, slowly eats her way out, and then attempts to eat Daiyo.
Baragon Neo
Junko "Yoka" Nakanishi
The Monster Trash Can Dance
October 13, 1968
Parts of a monster hide in trash cans in an alleyway, as an increasingly suspicious Junko "Yoka" Nakanishi wanders by.
2 Java Contortion Girls
November 27, 1966
Two tube-like contortionists, designed by Nina Burri, dance on-stage to Al Hirt's Java.
DaisensoGoji 0
The Glow-Mothra
November 27, 1966
Godzilla sits on a wall and hums "The Glow-Worm." A Larva appears and interrupts his song, so he eats it. This happens a few times until he grabs (with his mouth) a Larva that keeps getting longer and longer, until it's revealed to be a very long nose, belonging to an adult named Mothra.
Original Varan Neo
Manda 2004
Varan's Garden
March 1, 1970
Varan constantly interrupts the singing of Ringo Starr's "Varan's Garden."


Jim Henson as Gamera

Frank Oz as Varan and Zigra

Jerry Nelson Manda

Edits Edit

  • Sullivan's introduction to the "Rock 'n Roll Kaiju" sketch is re-dubbed, as Sullivan initially pronounced Hauro's name incorrectly.
  • The "Christmas Mouseketeers" skit is slightly edited, removing a joke pertaining to "The Christmas Song."
  • The "Varan's Garden" performance is also edited; originally, after Sullivan's introduction of the Kaiju Monsters, a short clip from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine film, where the band looks out the window, was played before dissolving to the Kaiju performance.
  • The bonus feature "The String Quartet" is also edited; a section near the end of the sketch in which Miki Fujiyama briefly sings "With a Little Help from My Friends"[1] is dubbed over with re-looped audio.
  • The ending explosion of "The Computer Dinner" is slowed down.
  • Certain appearances feature altered or added audience shots following the sketch.

See Also Edit

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Sources Edit

  1. ↑ Script for the sketch
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