• Godzilla


  • King Ghidorah


  • (To Godzilla)I Not Understand You Anymore
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)What Did You Talk
  • (To Godzilla)Yeah I Can Talk For My Friends
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)You Did This
  • (To Godzilla)Powers Inside of Me I Got Vectors Lightning Speed Dodge Teleport The Powerful I Got For My Life
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)What
  • (To Godzilla)Most Peoples And Calusiphies Will Hate You Haruo They Know You Serve With Me As Your Friend
  • (To Metphies)You Join Godzilla Haruo How Could You Why Did You Join Him Haruo Why
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)Huh
  • (To Godzilla)Because Is All Thanks To Me Dude
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)Metphies I'm Sorry I Didn't I Should Know
  • (To Godzilla)He's Not Listen You Anymore Haruo You Are Blame
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)Me BUT WHY
  • (To Godzilla)Well But You Failed Remember
  • (To Miana)So What's Gonna Happen To Haruo Got Failed
  • (To Maina)I Don't Know Well I Think He Gonna Losing His Mind
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)NO
  • (To Godzilla)Yeah When You Are Here I Complete Every Worlds I Past Everything
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)You Lied I Can't Join You Godzilla You Pay For This What You Did
  • (To Godzilla)You Are Finish Dude ?
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)No But You Are You See Many Peoples Kill You For Destroying City
  • (To Godzilla)Kill Me Of Course Did You See But King Ghidorah Already Won
  • (To Godzilla)Greatest Man Lied Is Blame Man Because It Was Your Fault For Release Me And I Let Bad Buys Win
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)WHAT
  • (To Godzilla)Just Like All The Worlds of The Universe I Holden
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)HOW DARE YOU
  • (To Godzilla)All I Did Was Ruin Everything It Was Easy Wait Tell You Heard This
  • (To Mazur And J J )Haruo You Loser If We Had Given a Real Forcer For That Job We I Would Finally Have The Evidence To Send Before Godzilla Let's His Enemies Get Past of Destruction And Godzilla's Let Bad Guys Win You're Through Haruo When I Done With You You Never Won't Be Able To Get a Job Taking Down That Creature Inside Siberia
  • (To Godzilla)Now You See I Always Win This Day
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)You Won For This Day
  • (To Godzilla)Yeah That What I Was Win
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)What's Going Do These Worlds
  • (To Godzilla)How Could I Well I Am Always Takes To Be Hero I'm True Hero Who Did YOU Think You Will Stop Me You're Just a Monster
  • (To Godzilla)Oh Yeah Impossible it is You're Just a Idiot You Lost Dude You Lose Bro You Are Nasty You Are Loser You Are Failed
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)You Blasting Thing
  • (To Godzilla)I Know Check This Out I Use All The Worlds Combine With This Gloves
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)No No You Combine it That's Impossible
  • (To Godzilla)Impossible it is Now if You Excuse Me I Got World To Save So Long You Bitch
  • (To Haruo Sakaki)NO NO [Screaming And Crying]

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