Gender Male

Renge Houshakuji (Wife)

Kyoko Fujioka (Sister)

Mark Fujioka (Son)

Arai Fujioka (Son)

Noda Fujioka (Son)



Tokusatsu GearEdit

  • Shirtless
  • Boxing Glove
  • Green Scarf



Godzilla The Ghost of BeyondEdit

  • (To King Ghidorah)How Your Drive Friends Your Naughty Ghost
  • (To King Ghidorah)You Almost Saw Godzilla Eh Something Reflx it
  • (To King Ghidorah)This is Started Someone Else Getting Little Tricking Well
  • (To King Ghidorah)I Start To You Haruhi Fujioka
  • (To King Ghidorah)Your Ghost Scum Get Back Stage There You Know The Show Must Go On
  • (To King Ghidorah)Let's Go There You Go Let's Get You Update Today We Don't Wanna Hiccups Today Are We

Godzilla The Rise of The ThroneEdit

  • (To Godzilla)This is Getting Weird I Wonder How I Ended Up Well There You Have It That's The Story How I Fell Accident And Mutate As Monster I Am Godzilla The King of The Monsters My Normal Life Is Boring I Use Haruhi Fujioka Human History But This Is My New Life Now But is Good Have Me Back Then To Made Friends of Disney Characters Nicktoon Characters And Cartoon Network Characters When We Dance With Disney Princesses And Disney Princes Oh Yeah What's Gonna Happened To Haruhi Fujioka If He's Alive I Think I Am Watching Him For This Time He Better Be Man For This Day He Better Use His Muscle Man I Never Have Left To See What's On It
  • (To Lunatyx)Haruhi Haruhi
  • (To Lunatyx)Haruhi Yes You Boy You're Dead
  • (To Lunatyx)You Are Dead As Dead Dodo Deader Then A
  • (To Lunatyx)I Can Be Blasting With This Bloody Ridiculous Contraption
  • (To Lunatyx)Whose Idea Was This Anyway ?
  • (To Lunatyx)Right Hi My Name is Lunatyx From Ultraman Ace What's Up ?
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Hey Did You Just Talk ?
  • (To Lunatyx)Well How You Know Were Giant Talking Monsters You Met Before Mate ?
  • (To Lunatyx)What Am I Suppose Look Like ?
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Yeah That's A Good Point And Well Made
  • (To Lunatyx)Okay Now Let's See Ah Yes Haruhi Your Last Name ?
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Fujioka
  • (To Lunatyx)Fujioka
  • (To Lunatyx)Oh Bloody Hell You Would Have To Be A Sodding Human I Thought Wouldn't You
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Why Is There A Problem With That ?
  • (To Lunatyx)Well Yes There is Actually It's One Those Bloody Aliens Such A Pain They Are In The Hell Are They You're one of These Special Cases
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Oh Really ?
  • (To Lunatyx)Yes Apparently According To The Powers That Be I'm Just Doing My Job I Do What I'm Told I Don't Even Paid Very Much
  • (To Lunatyx)Apparently Humans Can Have Their Many Lives And They Think They Can Get Away With It
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Oh I See So I'm Not Dead ?
  • (To Lunatyx)You're Dead But Um Not Quiet
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Right Well I'll Be Off Then
  • (To Lunatyx)Just You Wait Smart Maggot You Don't Get Out of It That Easily Now The Thing Is You May Not Be Dead But That Doesn't Mean You Can't Die You Just Have Few More Shall We Say
  • (To Lunatyx)Chances Yeah Like Aliens I Hate Those Crawling Things
  • (To Lunatyx)Right Distributed Around Your Little World Are These Heart Things Falcon Hearts
  • (To Lunatyx)If You Can Get Them I'll Give You An Extra Chance Understand ?
  • (To Haruhi Fujioka)Uh Um Well That Sound A Bit Strange Okay
  • (To Lunatyx)Strange It's The Best Bloody Deal You're Going To Got You Little Prick
  • (To Lunatyx)Right That's It Buzz off I've Got Some Aliens To See
  • (To Lunatyx)Bloody Things I Hate Those Bloody Aliens The Way They Screech Crouch And Crawl Everywhere In Abandoned Building They Shoot Just Bloody Awful All of My Mine

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