Guilala is a giant alien creature from outer space. He has a big scaly body, a triangle head, a smaller beak, red fingernails and toenails, sharp spines on his back, a horn-thingy on his forehead, two shiny red eyes, two antennas and a long tail with a crab pincher on the end of his tail. He came on AAB Gamma UFO. In the commercial called The Ladders and the movie called Guilala: Sapparo SOS, he had Mini Guilalas.


Fireballs: Guilala can spit fireballs from his beak.

Shrinking Form: Guilala's sporms can only shrink into a tiny Guilala. It can also grew back.

Tail Fire: Guilala's tail can shoot electric fire.

Battery Balls: Guilala's antennas can dart dangerous battery balls.

Atomic Webs: Guilala can spray webs from his beak.

Chest Ray: Guilala's chest can shoot yellow rays.

Flight: Guilala can fly in a giant fireball.


The X From Outer Space

Monster X Strikes Back

Guilala: Sapparo SOS

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