Goutura is a hybrid of crab, lobster and the underwater mole.Similar likely Ebirah and mostly like extinct monster.In the first movie is King Ghidorah vs Ratatosk and latest appearance King Ghidorah againest Ratatosk.In the first movie, Carter sending Goutura and easily defeat Ratatosk.King Ghidorah was appear and Carter send Goutura again, but Ratatosk appear.Brian X going send DNA Attack Bot the mechanical hybrid MechaGhidorah 3 and skeleton hybrid Ratatosk and also it can regenerate Dark Gundam cell inside and team up with DNA Attack Bot and King Ghidorah to defeat Ratatosk.In second movie, Goutura was destroyed by Saya Otonashi easily, but it overheated and destroying Saya Otonashi.

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