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Toho Kaiju
Species Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Creature

Alias Godzilla
King of the Monsters
Form(s) Burning gojira and Gojirasaurus
Gender Male
Height 50 - 108.2 m
Weight 20,000 - 90,000
Length 100 - 167.7 m
Abilities Atomic breath
Origins Odo Island
Enemies Japanese Army
Allies None
Relationships baby godzilla/little godzilla/godzilla junior (adopted son)

biollante,space godzilla(clones)

First Appearance Gojira
Latest Appearance Godzilla: Final Wars (Stock Footage)
Created by nuclear tests in the pacific
Portrayed by: Haruo Nakajima
Katsumi Tezuka
Shinji Takagi
Isao Zushi
Toru Kawai

Gojira (ゴジラ) is the Japanese name for Godzilla and the name of the first Godzilla movie from 1954.

Gojira (Film)[]

Gojira(Godzilla) was first indroduced in the film by the same name. Gojira was a gigantic prehistoric creature that awoke when Hydrogen bomb tests arrose in the Pacific. Gojira was the cause of many ship disappearances and sinkages near Japan. Scientists were dispatched to figure out the mystery. A "storm" hit the night of their stay and

Gojira firing his famous atomic breath

destroyed their helicopter and a house that was near by. The next morning, the team found a gigantic footprint which contained mass amounts of radioactivity and containing a prehistoric insect. Gojira later revealed himself on massive hill, in which he roared to the visitors and natives. The team returned to Japan, and reported to the public what they have found. The Japanese Army prepared to defend Tokyo from the horrid creature, but they were later all trambled upon by the abomination. In the mean time, a man by the name of Dr. Serizawa created the Oxygen Destroyer and figured out that it can destroy Gojira. He burned all the plans of the weapon since he thought it could be more deadly than an Hydrogen bomb. The next day, Tokyo was left a graveyard. Millions of people were dead or injured because of Gojira's wrath. Dr. Serizawa left on a boat to destroy Gojira, mankinds own punishment. He sacrificed himself to destroy Gojira and to save millions. Gojira was reduced to a pile of bones after the detonation of the Oxygen Destroyer. Ending his reign of terror.

Gojira destroying Japan


Gojira was, and is a representation of nuclear destruction and a metaphor for the bombing of Hiroshima during World War II. Gojira is also supossed to represent something that you can not control or stop, like a tornado or a tsunami.

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