Godzillas Revenge Is A 1969 Kaiju Film Produced By Toho And The Tenth Installment Of The Godzilla Series.

Godzillas Revenge
Godzilla's Revenge 1969
Produced By Tomoyuki Takara
Directed By Ishiro Honda
Written By Shinichi Sekizawa
Music By Kunio Miyauchi

Lilly Sasaki

Gendai Kano

Distributed By Toho

Marion Films

Rating G

Plot Edit

A Little Boy Named Ichiro Was Bullied By Gabara And His Gang Of Bullies.His Only Friends Are Shinpei Inami And A Young Girl Named Sachiko.He Fantasizes About Monster Island And Being Friends With Godzillas Son Minilla.He Watches That Minilla Deal With His Own Bully A Monster Also Known As Gabara.In These Fantasies He Learns To Face His Fears And Fight Back.He Also Needs To Watch Out For Two Bank Robbers.

Trivia Edit

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