Godzilla vs. The Devourer is the first "movie" in the Godzilla Ultimates fan fiction movie series. It doesn't fit into a main canon but has features from different canons blended to make this Godzilla "ultimate".



Kiyru is the primary male protagonist(not counting Godzilla, of course) and is the secondary antagonist from Godzilla's perspective. In 2000, Kiyru joined the Japenese military, not knowing that there was a second Godzilla. He tried to move his way to the top which was a big mistake because when the King resurfaced, he was drafted into the Anti-Godzilla Unit. He's developed a complex bond with the monster, wanting to rid the world of his terror but also wanting him to be understood.


Osami is the secondary male protagonist. He, every since 2003 was at the top. Unfortunately this means he ended up being shifted into the Anti-Godzilla unit which doesn't fit him because he startles easy and scares easier. Of course, he doesn't act this way in front of others or he would've never ended up this way. Osami is bald and will do heroic deeds when needed.


Godzilla is the true protagonist of Godzilla vs The Devourer, in this canon he's 468 feet tall. Godzilla resembles the Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah version the most, his skin is nearly impossible to pearce. Godzilla has harder than steel claws and plates, a very powerfull atomic ray(as powerfull as the Final Wars') and a nasty bite. He's strong enough to throw Kumonga(not featured) into the vanishing point and can swim through molten lava. Godzill's drove by the rage of the humans destroying Earth and will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Godzilla was ressurected and mutated by an atomic blast.

The DevourerEdit

The Devourer is the antagonist of Godzilla vs. The Devourer, his abilities are amazing. Devourer looks like a giant serpent with wings, hidden arms and spikes lining it's tale. Devourer believes everything is inferior to him so he feels no sympathy for his victims. He has an ultra expandable mouth lined with teeth, gains strength through nourishment and can fire three balls of plasma per post hibernation.


Katsura is a minor character, not having any importance to the plot. She is killed by Godzilla.


Early morning in Japan is any thing but quiet, fire raging at the airport.

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