Godzilla vs. Rampage: The Movie Is A Fanmade Science Fiction Fantasy Crossover Film.TBA

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  • Jack Conrad Driscoll-A Man Who Is Both SS Ventures First Mate And A Famous Writer.He Is The Main Non-Kaiju Protagonist Of The Film.
  • Annie Darrow-The Girl King Kong Falls In Love With.
  • Jimmy-The Youngest Of The Crew.
  • Hayes-The Only Black Member Of The Crew.
  • Preston-Carl Denhams Assistant.
  • Lumpy-The Cook.
  • Choy-An Asian Sailor
  • Captain Englehorn-The Captain Of The Cargo Ship The SS Venture.
  • Carl Denham-A Greedy Cameraman Who Has Greedily A Very Deep Love Of Money.He Is The Main Antagonist Of The Film.
  • SS Ventures Crew-
  • Skull Islanders-People Who Live In Skull Island Who Offer Girls To Kong So That He Does Not Attack The Village.
  • New Yorkers-People Who Live In New York.

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  • Godzilla-TBA
  • George-A Giant White Gorilla-Like Kaiju Who Is The Last Member Of His Species.He Is The Main Kaiju Protagonist Of The Film.
  • Lizzie-A Giant Crocodile-Like Kaiju Who Is The Last Member of His Species.He Is The Main Kaiju Antagonist Of The Film.
  • Ralph-A Giant Wolf-Like Kaiju Who Is The Last Member of His Species.He Is The Main Kaiju A Protagonist Of The Film.
  • Ventanosaurus-Raptor-Like Carnovorious Dinosaurs.
  • Giant Snake-Like Creatures-Giant-Snake Like Creatures Who Live In Kongs Lair.
  • Long-Neck Dinosaurs-Passive Dinosaurs Who Walk On A Parade.
  • TBA-Gigantic Carnivorous Dinosaur-Like Monsters That Are Kaiju Of T-Rex From Jurassic Park Franchise And Giant Lizard From Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.They Are The Main Kaiju Antagonists Of The Film.

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