DK Rap Parody


  • Godzilla
  • Richtor
  • Tairagon
  • Omegarex
  • Warver


Here We Go

So They're Finally Here Performing For You

If You Know The Words You Can Join In Too

Put Your Hands Together If You Want To Clap

As We Take You Through This Monster Rap


G.O. Godzilla He's Leader of The Gate You Know Him Well

He's Finally Back To Kick Some Tail His Lancer Gun

Can Fire In Spurts If He Shoots Ya It's Gonna Hurt

He's Bigger Faster And Stronger Too

He's The First Member of G.O. Crew


G.O. Godzilla G.O. Godzilla is Here

This Wolf's Got Style So Listen Up Dudes

He Can Shrink In Size To Suit His Mood

He's Quick And Nimble When He Needs To Be

He Jump Through The Air And Climb Up Walls

If You Choose Him You'll Not Choose Wrong

With A Run Like Dog He's One Cool Boy

G.O. Godzilla

He Has No Style He Has No Grace

This Dragon Has A Power Punch

He Can Tail Stand When Needs To

And Spin Around Just For You

Smash it Himself Just A Like Metals

This Power Boy Just Diggs This Tune


G.O. Godzilla G.O. Godzilla is Here

He's Back Again And About Time Too

And This Time He's In The Mood

He Can Fly Real High With His Wings on

With His Fists Out He's One Tough Boy

He's Make You Smile He When Plays His Tune

But Villains Beware Cause He's After You


G.O. Godzilla


Finally He's Here For You

It's The Last Member of The G.O. Crew

This Bull's So Strong It Isn't Funny

Can Make A Villain Run Out For Life

Can Pick Up A Boulder With Relative Ease

Make Crushing Rocks Seem Such A Breeze

He May Walk Move Slow He Can't Jump High

But This Boy One Hell of A Guy

Come on Spyro Take It To The Fridge

Walnuts Peanuts Pineapple Smells

Grapes Melons Orangs And Coconut Shells

AHH Yeah


Angry CharactersEdit

  • Tamaki Suoh
  • Captain Rock
  • Rin Swaramura
  • Ichino Yanagida
  • Megumi Hayashiba
  • Erino Kogarashi
  • Motoko Morinuma
  • Julietta Sakamoto

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