Aquatic Dinosaur
Titanosaurus Neo
Height 65 meters
Mass 27,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


For all intents and purposes, Mecha-Godzilla was the perfect fighting machine....but only against one monster. The combined efforts of Godzilla and King Caesar had defeated the magnificent mechanical construct, so it made logical sense to even the playing field, as the Simeon reinforcements saw fit. Of course, the space apes were not terribly adept at mind-control technology, and their warlike nature prevented any alliances with other races in the solar system. So, they sought out a disgruntled scientist, Dr. Mafune, and after saving his daughter Katsura's life through advanced robotics (as was the race's forte';), he swore loyalty to them. Dr. Mafune was the best ally availible for the Simeons because he had achieved that which, to that day, no human had achieved yet: control over a daikaiju. Thus, Dr. Mafune brought to the world TITANOSAURUS, a collosal spinosaurid from the Sub Oceanic Biosphere, and the only supposed surviving member of its species. Titanosaurus is controlled largely through hyper-sonic sound waves, of which are only perceptible to certain species of animals. It was the right combination of these soundwaves that allowed Mafune's computer to override Titanosaurus's higher brain functions and turn him into a ferociously aggressive fighter. The rebuilt MechaGodzilla and Titanosaurus launched an all-out attack on the Japanese mainland, and leveled city after city. Godzilla quickly intervened, but was beaten within an inch of his life but the tag-team titans. Only with the intervention of INTERPOL and the re-awakening of King Caesar was Titanosaurus freed of his mind control and Godzilla able to soundly defeat MechaGodzilla once and for all, and the Simeons were harshly driven from Earth. Titanosaurus, however, was greatly wounded in the battle, as at its end, INTERPOL was able to free the dinosaur from his servitude, and King Caesar convinced him to fight alongside himself and Godzilla. When MechaGodzilla unleashed its final, deadliest laser-cannon, Titanosaurus took the full force of the blast that was intended for Godzilla, and the noble creature fell off of a high cliff and into the ocean, where he would disappear until the late 1990's.

Titanosaurus, or another like him, was eventually found and coralled at the Monster Island facility at Ogasawara.



  • - Extremely succeptible to high-frequency waves
  • - Expandable "fan-tail" capable of creating gale-force winds
  • - Normally a very placid fish-eater, but will become aggressive if cornered or injured
  • - Resistant to most small-arms and heavy ordinance, but relied on MechaGodzilla to eradicate military force (would otherwise be seriously injured by an all-out attack)

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