Beetle Monster
Megalon Neo
Height 60 meters
Mass 30,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


MEGALON is a perfect example of the sort of "Kaiju For Hire" system created by the Nebulans (or their predeccesors), in that, some unseen time in the past, they had sent the cyborg kaiju to the as yet legendary kingdom of Seatopia in order to aid in their invasion of the surface. Megalon is not a terribly bright kaiju, and that's being generous. The giant beetle-like creature is a later creation than Gigan, yet he is by no means an improvement, rather a step in a different direction. Megalon mostly follows whatever orders are given to him, and carries out mass destruction where needed. He doesn't seem capable of planned combat or the sort of "honor" that Gigan practices, yet point him in the right direction, and everything in a 50 to 70 mile radius will be flattened, burned, pulverized, or any combination thereof. Megalon seems lost without something guiding his actions, and will either wander about aimlessly or flail about insanely until he tires his circuits out. Nevertheless, Megalon is never to be underestimated, as his capability grows exponentially when Gigan appears on the scene, as he is given new direction and focus by his older brother. The giant beetle-god engaged in battle with Godzilla and Anguirus alongside his brother in the newly constructed Children's Land theme-park outside of Tokyo. While the two beasts put up a fearsome offensive, the Earth kaiju managed to gain an upper claw through the help of a handful of humans and the robot Jet Jaguar. Megalon had since disappeared beneath the Earth, trying to find his way back to Seatopia.

NOTE: It is interesting to consider that Megalon resembles a god in Seatopian religion, and High Priest Antonio used both the monster and his alliance with the Nebulans to coerce the populace of Seatopia to gain a quick rise to power and launch an attack on humanity's civilization.



  • - Can generate intense electicity and compound it into a burst of lightening from horns
  • - Able to spit napalm-filled organic spheres from mouth
  • - Gigantic arms used as drills
  • - Can compress body, using combined drill-arms to form a living drill to blast through rock
  • - Able to hover for short distances, but slow due to sheer mass

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