Magnificent Machine
Mechagodzilla Neo
Height 90 meters
Mass 61,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Appearing from an erupting Mt. Fuji, roaring in an inexplicable rage, Godzilla rampaged down the countryside and began to assault any settlement or town in his path. Finally, the rampaging titan attacked an oil refinery, razing the entire facility into a blaze of ruin. Illuminated by the hellish blaze, Godzilla was stopped in his tracks by noneother than....Godzilla?! The two saurians, almost totally identical, began a savage battle. Something bizarre began to happen, though; each time the second Godzilla landed a sharp blow on his adversary, the first Godzilla would warp and shift momentarily. Finally, the second monster proved who was real and who was the fraud with a solid blast of atomic fire, dispelling the hologram, and rendering the imposter for his true nature: a magnificent machine of death, destruction and beautiful, brutal force, MECHA-GODZILLA had made itself known to the world. With cunning efficiency, Mecha-Godzilla unleashed a hailstorm of lasers and missles that rendered Godzilla nearly powerless in its onslaught. Soundly defeating the monster king came with a price, however, as the mechanized beast's creators, the Simeons (a warrior-race from a system being quickly enveloped by a black hole), had miscalculated the strength of Godzilla's heat ray, and Mecha-Godzilla's head controls were damaged. The real battle would come at a later date, of course, when Mecha-Godzilla would engage not only Godzilla, but the ancient monster King Caesar, in battle. Though maintaining an incredible offensive and a marked defensive, MG was eventually defeated, and its head ripped from its body, thanks to Godzilla's newly-acquired magnetic powers. However, MG was far from beaten. While the Simeon forces on Earth were beaten, a greater force amassed itself from the still-dieing homeworld, and MechaGodzilla was eventually repaired, and this time, to counter the strength of both Godzilla and King Caesar, a new contender was added to the fray.....



(Note: weapons of alien design, and beyond that of current Earthling techological prowess)

  • - Fingers tipped with Revolving Missiles which will either detonate on impact or lodge themselves in a foe, depending on the need (these serve as the archetype for the Full Metal Missle)
  • - Eyes can emit twin laser beams, equal in power to Godzilla's own atomic breath
  • - Chest compartment can emit a "smart-laser," capable of striking multiple targets
  • - Can emit a force-field that is all but impassable
  • - Able to fly in excess of Mach 1
  • - "Space Titanium" armor resilient to all conventional weaponry, and only vulnerable to Godzilla's atomic breath (albeit limitedly)
  • - Control is remote, so no crew or pilot is needed, and operates on a rudimentary artificial intelligence

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