Legendary Guardian
King Caesar Neo
King Caesar
Height 50 meters
Mass 25,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Since time before time, KING CAESAR (a crude romanization of his true name, "King Shisa") has sat ever-watchful, ever vigilant to protect the tiny island of Okinawa from impending threats. Of course, an ancient ritual must be enacted, and he must only be awoken "when the red moon sets, and the sun rises in the west." The Simeons were wise to an apparent attempt to ressurect the ancient guardian, but they scarcely believed in such primitive beliefs. Nevertheless, another monster would be a decided thorn in their side, so they attached a small group with limited resources to prevent the statue's arrival in Okinawa from mainland Japan. Of course, the statue made it (through INTERPOL's interference) and the mighty Shisa was brought back to life to battle alongside Godzilla against MechaGodzilla, and again later against Titanosaurus. Little is known of King Caesar's biology, except that the creature is supposedly made largely of mineral constructs. In short, it is a living statue. Caesar himself seems a very wise and noble kaiju, and, interestingly, he is the only monster that Godzilla will seemingly look up to and even respect. There had even been scattered eye-witness accounts of Caesar "training" Godzilla, teaching the giant saurian in such a way that an elderly martial artist would teach a younger pupil, before the final battle against the Simeon forces.

NOTE - The recently uncovered scrolls deep within Seatopian vaults (after Antonio's overthrow) has revealed some startling facts: it may very well be a human spirit that inhabits the body of the mighty Shisa! Details are still sketchy, but it very well may have something to do with the battle between the stone god and his allies MANDA and MOTHRA against the legendary AXOR and his mind-controlled forces.



  • - Able to reflect concentrated light energy into left eye and out of the right.
  • - Stone body repells most conventional weaponry, yet the JSDF has never attacked Caesar
  • - Can run on all fours and walk of hind legs
  • - Can run at speeds in excess of 100 mph

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