Robot Hero
Jet Jaguar Neo
Jet Jaguar
Height 3 meters
Mass 372 lbs
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Goro Ibuki, a brilliant technician, computer scientist and part-time inventor, had made some enemies in his lifetime. Enemies that he cared not to speak about to his nephew, Rokuro, or his best friend, Hiroshi. Nevertheless, he knew it would bode disaster to simply ignore the impending threats that would occassionally reach his ears. So, he dove headfirst into a project that had been swirling about in his head for the last several years, being a little project called "JET JAGUAR." Goro had always been a mysterious one, largely keeping to himself, his only visitors being his best friend and little nephew. He knew, however, that because he had such social contacts, such people that were dear to him, they would be targets for whatever threat breathed down his neck. Thus, Jet Jaguar was his crowning achievement as a scientist; a human-sized machine, though easily 6 feet tall, was powerful and constructed to be nearly unbeatable by average human means. When asked how he could create something so advanced, Goro would avoid the subject or use some colorful euphamism to gloss over the fact that Jet Jaguar's design was only about half his own, while the other half was something more advanced....more alien... Rokuro loved the TV series "Zone Fighter," to the point of idol worship. As a result, Goro designed Jet Jaguar in such a way that it would mimic the colorful heroes on television, and hopefully embody the courage and ideology they represented. Rokuro immediately treated Jet Jaguar like a metallic foster father, and "JJ," in kind, treated Rokuro with special consideration, if only because Goro had programmed the robot for such. JJ was Goro's bodyguard, rather than simply a playmate, and it was the advent of the Nebulan invasion that the robot's true purpose would come to bear. Jet Jaguar was, at first, sought out as a weapon to be stolen by mysterious men claiming to be "Seatopians," but Goro regained control, and the machine was able to plow through an entire attack squadron of Nebulan soldiers, becoming instrumental in allowing Godzilla, Anguirus and the JSDF to defeat Gigan, Megalon and the Nebulans.



  • - Able to lift twice its own mass easily.
  • - Motion-mapping computer allows for a multiple styles of martial arts, from Kung Fu to Judo to Tai-chi
  • - Extremely powerful High-Beams from eyes can stun enemies
  • - Right hand can deploy a taser-like attachment
  • - Left wrist can deploy pepper-spray
  • - Can be remotely controlled from Goro's home computer, or his voice-activated remote

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