Cyborg Monster
Gigan Neo
Height 60 meters
Mass 25,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


GIGAN is renowned throughout the galaxy as the pinnacle of monster elimination technology. If his younger brother MEGALON is the demolisher, GIGAN is the assassin, and he wears the title with pride. There's no record of exactly when Gigan was built, other than that of the insectoid aliens of Nebula Space Hunter M, and even their own records are spotty at best. While the Nebulans do indeed control Gigan and send him on whatever mission of bloodshed they so deem, there is no evidence to support that they themselves created the cyborg. Gigan's inner workings and horrifically beautiful mesh of synthetic allows, circuitry and organic flesh may be just too far beyond the grasp of the somewhat technologically challenged sentient cockroaches. It has been theorized even that Gigan was a creation of a race that preceded the Nebulans, and they simply "inherited" it (if their story of their home planet is to be believed). While the gigantic cyborg does indeed answer to the Nebulans, he does seem to have a conciousness and sentience of his would almost seem as though he tolerates the Nebulans rather than being subservient to them. This is indicated by the cockroaches' tendency to act as though they control him, yet almost bend their plans around Gigan's actions. Godzilla and Gigan share a relationship based on rivalry rather than aggression, and while the two are perfectly willing to beat each other to death, there's an air of respect that each has for the other. Megalon isn't as smart or as efficient as his older sibling, yet Gigan seems to maintain a cool set of circuits when dealing with the simple yet effective hailstorm of destruction that Megalon rains down on whatever pitiable civilization incurs the beasts' wrath.

Though chased from Earth by Godzilla and Anguirus, Gigan returned in during Operation: Final War, upgraded and ready to carry out a new set of wicked plans...


Original Gigan Neo

the original Gigan Neo design had thinner legs


  • - Huge scythes made of an alloy not found on Earth, and as strong as even Godzilla's bones (able to rotate from elbow-axis)
  • - Cycloptic eye fires either a burst of laser-like shards or one concentrated beam of energy
  • - Buzzsaw in torso able to cut through buildings, and kaiju flesh, with ease
  • - Flight speed of Mach 1
  • - Grappling hooks capable of dragging prey into the whirling dervish of blades that is Gigan's form
  • - Returned to Earth, scythes were replaced by twin chainsaws on each arm
  • - "Wings" can contort and expand for excellent ariel balance

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