Cephalopod Being
Gezora Neo
Length (to end of longest tentacle) 70 meters
Mass 28,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Moving silently through the void, there are untold horrors that hail from time and space not our own. The small space-capsule, the Helios 7, was forced down into the atmosphere of the Pacific ocean, where its unwelcomed cargo set about a dark work... When a small crew of journalists and scientists returned from the nearby Selga Island, they recounted a horrific story, which told of nightmarish monsters destroying the small island. Indeed, the island was destroyed by volcanic activity, but the survivors were nearly driven to madness, some chattering nonsensical jibberish, while others simply seemed as though nothing affected them emotionally or physically anymore. All of the accounts varied, but this mysterious being, calling itself "Yog," remained one that several witnesses recounted: "...only a congeries of iridescent globes, yet stupendous in its malign suggestiveness." Another creature, this one consisten with ALL of the stories, was dubbed "Gezora," from a local legend, was described as some sort of colossal squid or cuttlefish that nearly tore the island apart. Even in a time when giant cephalopods are not so uncommon, there's little hard evidence to support Gezora's existence. Nevertheless, during several of G-Force's patrols and Godzilla-study expeditions, gigantic tentacles have indeed been found floating not far from small islands in the pacific, larger than any Oodako's.

Indeed, whatever happened on that island must have been simply too much for the human mind to bear in its tiny realm of reality, and if Gezora does indeed exist, then pray that it never seeks to attack Japan...



  • - Powerful tentacles
  • - Able to control the minds of lesser creatures
  • - Vulnerable to certain supersonic noises

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