Mammoth Crustacean
Ebirah Neo
Height 30 meters
Length 60 meters
Mass 15,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


On the tiny Letchi Island, one of the many in the South Pacific, the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, the Red Bamboo, had spent years steadily building an army, complete with nuclear-grade weaponry, no less. However, one of their most dangerous weapons was a horrific daikaiju they had named EBIRAH. Though no records exist of Ebirah's true origin, it was suggested that he was dragged from the deep trenches of the sea by the Red Bamboo's subs, or perhaps it was a subject of mutation-oriented experiments. Regardless, the monster was apparently "owned" by the Red Bamboo, as indicated by the huge emblems painted onto its exoskeleton, and thus the terrorists had somehow managed to keep Ebirah from leaving the island. However, little did the Red Bamboo realise that their nuclear plant had attracted none other than GODZILLA, where he made a temporary home in an underwater cavern beneath the island. It was the Monster King, as well as the efforts of a small group of shipwrecked Japanese, that proved to be the potential threat's undoing. Ebirah proved to be a solid challenge for Godzilla, as the dinosaur's blows landed on an amazingly tough carapace. Of course, a mighty blast of atomic heat sent the crustacean into quick retreat, and Godzilla eventually defeated Ebirah by dismemberment. However, after the destruction of the island and the Bamboo base, Ebirah disappeared until well into the late 90's, when another creature (though possible the same) appeared near Tahiti. It was subsequently captured and corralled onto the Monster Island facility at Ogasawara.

NOTE: It has been theorized that Ebirah was a giant species of lobster native to the deep oceanic ecosystem discovered in 1973, referred to as the Sub-Pacific Biosphere. The biosphere consists of several interconnected air pockets, rich in oxygen, hydrogen, and other gases that make up a life-supporting atmosphere. Ebirah's species, along with Titanosaurs and other giant species, evolved to gigantic proportions while protected from the drastic climactic changes that ravaged the above-sea planet.



  • - Exoskeleton repells most if not all conventional weaponry
  • - Huge claws can shatter steel
  • - Repelled by certain chemical found in a native fruit of the island (also found on Infant Island)

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