God of Vengeance
Body Length 35 meters
Wingspan 110 meters
Mass 15,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


To every Yin there is a Yang. To ever Light there is a Shadow. To every gentle beast, there is a savage one, and that is BATTRA to his sister, MOTHRA. Battra the Black-Hearted was born the same day as the benevolent goddess, thus he is a guardian of the planet as well. Strong, fast, and all but merciless, to invoke Battra's wrath is to invite swift and utter destruction. The dark moth's blazing red eyes fix upon anything that may threaten the Earth's serenity, even moreso than Mothra, who herself is much more merciful and understanding. Of course, in Battra's compound eyes, this is weakness. Still, the line is constantly blurred between the natures of the two kaiju, as while Mothra is a peaceful goddess, she will barely hesitate to jump to the defense of her twin attendants, the Shobijin, and has nearly leveled both Tokyo and New Kirk City in search of them. Battra, while fierce and destructive towards sentient life, has shown to become surprisingly caring and gentle at the most rare of events. Battra's egg was discovered on Adnoa Island in the Bering Sea in 1992, when an expedition was launched to discern the effects of a meteorite that had crashed near the island. Seeing the egg as an potential business venture to save their face in the wake of environmentalism, the Marutomo Company began to transport it back to Japan. Halfway there, however, GODZILLA appeared! Whether or not he intended to destroy or simply investigate the black and red egg, Mothra would have none of it. Her larvae arrived and tried to hold Godzilla off, but the egg hatched anyway, and Battra was reborn!



  • - Larvae's armored hide resistant to all conventional weaponry
  • - Can create energy spheres from horn
  • - Imago can fire Prism Beams from eyes
  • - Can shoot clusters of stingers at enemies
  • - Most attacks are offensive

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